Our goal at Roots and Wings is to transition entire families through the first and most important years of your child’s developmental life. From the first day of daycare, right through to the first day of kindergarten, our team is here to help both children and parents adapt.

Beyond the standard care you’ll find at most centers, we take real pride in encouraging learning and growth among the Roots and Wings family. We keep our group sizes small to ensure every child gets the chance to engage and participate in the day on their own terms. We pride our center on being the best possible experience available in the region.

Our center has tons of space, and very personalized care. A separate nap room allows for those who need a mid-day rest to have it. We eat as a group, and request families help us to teach healthy eating habits – as really, the children are learning from their peers more than anyone.

We spend as much time as possible outdoors, and thanks to the two giant maple trees in our yard, can enjoy a cool shady area no matter how hot the summer sun gets.

  • September 2024 – June 2025:
    • Registration Open
  • September 2025 – June 2026:
    • Registration Will Open Later in 2024

The Team

Jillian Shannon has been an Early Childhood Educator for over 15 years, and thrives while learning with these children each and every day. As an Early Childhood Educator and Yoga Instructor, she believe every child has a right to experience enriched programs. Programs that respect each child as an individual and encourage their natural curiosity are important to her; supporting them with the tools to be the best version of themselves.

Savannah Menzies is the newest member to our team, Savannah is training as an ECE, runs the Out of School Care Program, and helps out in the Daycare. Growing up in Grand Forks, she is a familiar face to many, and helps us in all areas of the center!